Donna Griffith


Donna studied photography at Boston University’s Center for Digital Imaging Arts (CDIA) in Washington, DC. She has always loved the camera – as a child she and her sister staged impromptu photo shoots secretly using her parents’ “good sheets” as a back drop.

She still enjoys photo shoots, but now she lets others play dress up. She has folded up the sheets and hit the streets…camera in hand! Today, Donna is a lifestyle photographer with a fondness for people and the places that help tell their stories!

Donna received her undergraduate degree in Marketing and her Master’s in Business Administration from Howard University. She has worked as a practical consultant and a Client Solutions, Strategy and Marketing team member. She has an eye for beauty and has found a love for photographing products, people, and the places they travel.

As the oldest daughter of military parents, Donna acquired an early appreciation for meeting new people and seeing new places. She keeps her passport in her pocket and when she isn’t shooting, she’s out seeing the world and photographing all that every new location has to offer.

Be sure to check back often for her latest images and personal projects!